How to write a college application essay

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February 18, 2016
How to write a good college essay
May 28, 2018

How to write a college application essay

How to write a college application essay

When applying to college, you will probably need to write an essay as part of your application. You may go to essay writing service and ask them -please, write my essays or do it on your own. This is your chance to present the admission officers your strongest qualities and provide them with information about yourself. The essay also reveals your motivation, so admission committee will decide whether your ambitions and values match with the university’s vision. There are two tips you need to consider before you begin to write an essay: be who you are and start preparation early.

To start with you need to choose a topic which will highlight your competences and the strongest qualities. It is a mistake to focus on the great aspects of a college you want to enter, concentrate on you as a part of this college, demonstrate that you are not only smart and persistent, but you can also become the part of the college community and able to do a lot to enrich it. Be creative and highlight things which are not mentioned in other parts of the application.

You should also keep your focus narrow and not to try to cover too many topics at one time. Otherwise, your essay will sound like a resume without any detailed information about your personality. So, it is better to focus on one aspect of yourself and try to develop it in a story which will describe what person you are.
While writing, consider that the readers should be able to catch your main idea and follow it from the first till last sentences. And use your own voice in writing. In this type of an essay it is a bad idea to rely on someone’s phrases or ideas as the committee could decide that you are hiding your own opinion. Application essay is a chance for your words to be heard.
After you have finished writing ask a teacher or parent to proofread the essay. Relying only on your computer’s spell check is not a good decision, as these programs can easily miss some typos.

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