How to write a good college essay

How to write a college application essay
May 28, 2018

How to write a good college essay

How to write a good college essay

Writing an essay no matter what the genre is, can seem to be a complicated task if the main steps are not taken and successfully completed.

Firstly, you have to define a topic. Then, make sure to do a deep research and become an expert on the issue. This will help you to form your point of view and support it with persuasive and compelling arguments.

After immersing yourself in a deep research on a topic, try to analyze the information. Make notes of facts and evidences that will support your opinion. Do not be afraid to note more than you need as later you will have more options to present your point of view successfully. You can always put all your ideas and thought on paper. This will draw you a picture of what you have and what you miss and will make easier to gather all the information into the one whole in the right order.

The next stage is synthesizing your main points and arguments of into a coherent sentence. This will be your thesis statement which will inform the reader about the problem and also about your point of view on it.

After this, you are ready to plan an outline of the essay. All you need is to separate your key points into paragraphs and support them with persuasive evidences. Also you have to put these paragraphs in an effective order with the strongest key point on the top. Ensure that your ideas flow logically and after this you are ready to begin writing the essay!

You have to start with an introduction which should capture the reader’s attention. In this paragraph it is necessary to include thesis statement you have created earlier and a “road map” for your essay. The “road map” helps a reader to understand you are going to prove your point of view, but without specifically stating.

Expand your essay with body paragraphs. It is important that one paragraph is devoted to a single main point. Each paragraph has to include a topic sentence which tells the reader what that paragraph is about and evidences that support the main idea of this paragraph.

The last stage is writing the conclusion that will reflect your thesis statement, but do not repeat it. Your final sentences should not leave the reader with questions “so what” or “what was the point”. This is your last chance to make reader see the issue from your perspective.

If you follow these advices from writers at, your college essay will be closer to success, but the main success is in your competence and interest to discussed topic.

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