Global Security Operations

Corporate facilities often require 24-hour, round the clock security services to insure the safety and security of the building, its contents, as well as the corporate executives and staff inside. Executives at busy corporate facilities often face increased security challenges that require a higher level of security awareness, attention and performance by security officers. When the national threat level for security is elevated and may require additional manpower and resources, security at corporate facilities demands individuals that are sharp, alert, well trained and able to make sound and reasonable decisions in a split second. Global Security Ops offers an excellent executive security protection program which includes such features as personal door-to-door escort services, intense screening of visitors at the facility, uninterrupted protection outside the door of top level meetings, and an intense level of monitoring of the surroundings. These services are performed by trained and dedicated security professionals. At Global Security Ops , we are keenly aware of the challenges required to protect corporate facilities including prompt and professional actions in response to information received that would threaten the safety and security of the facility and the individuals therein.