Global Security Operations

Construction sites are a vital part of any growing infrastructure and almost always require the services of a professional security agency to provide protection for the site and equipment stored there after working hours. Three major challenges facing construction sites after working hours are: break-ins, vandalism, and arson. Many construction site owners must absorb these costs or face the cost of ever increasing insurance premiums. Moreover, when property is destroyed by vandalism during non-working hours, employees reporting to work the next shift are often unable to perform their vital duties until the items are repaired or replaced. This down time is costly not only in production time for the construction company, but often times it is a personal loss to individuals that supply their own tools and equipment to perform their job. Most insurance companies offer lower premiums if you have a professional security officer on the site after hours. Construction sites now have a valuable tool to use to fight back, by using the services of Global Security Ops. Our security officers are sharp, alert, and capable of making sound decisions in quick seconds.