Emergency Escort

Global Security Operations

Many of our clients demand the strictest confidentiality and professionalism. Our personnel understand this requirement, and are sensitive to our clients’ needs and concerns. The officers and agents that we employ hold the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and understanding of the workplace. These qualities lead to minimizing the client’s exposure to risk while allowing an unparalleled degree of freedom and flexibility of movement. Global Security Ops offers armed personal protection services with a highly trained and professional staff. We provide discreet protection services to Corporate Executives and their Families, Foreign and U.S. Government Officials, Celebrities & other VIP’s, and to those seeking our specialized services for unique occasions. In today’s world, many people and their families are potential targets from unwanted and hostile activities that affect their personal safety, reputation, welfare, and business. We recognize that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free. Whether the threat is planned or opportunistic, incidents affecting personal safety occur every day. Many of our personnel currently maintain sworn law enforcement officer credentials. This background gives our agents an unrivaled depth of knowledge in dealing with executive protection issues worldwide.