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Global Security Operations

Retail store owners across the country rank the safety of their clients, customers and employees as a priority concern, second only to loss prevention. Global Security Ops understands the importance of working with each customer to develop a security program that will address the specific security issues unique to your needs. For example, many of the day to day crimes reported by retail establishments are committed in the parking lot area, simply because parking lots are easy targets, common at all retail facilities and often unsupervised. Criminals will take advantage of every opportunity to commit crimes in areas that are not patrolled on a continuous basis. The presence of security officers has reduced the number of crimes reported in retail parking lots. Shoplifting in retail establishments is also a serious concern. The presence of uniformed and plain clothes officers in retail stores is the number one tool for deterring theft from customers and staff. We are dedicated to making the retail environment a safer place while reducing the number of thefts and disruptions that are increasingly reported by store owners.