Global Security Operations

The fact that you have to hire an investigator can be difficult enough. We provide peace of mind through our professional and absolute discreet services. For over 15 years, Global Security Ops has provided confidential and expert investigative services to clients throughout the United States. We specialize in domestic and family abuse cases, criminal cases, personal injuries, workers’ compensation investigations, business, background and missing persons, civil and arson cases. Our investigators are highly trained professionals who strive to maintain the latest and most innovative concepts in investigative techniques, as well as continuous education and training to ensure the best possible service. Investigative services include: Divorce Evidence, Vehicle Surveillance, Photographic Evidence, Theft from Business, Auto Accident Personal Injury, Locate and Skip Tracing Service, Professional Fact Finders, Sexual Harassment Claims, Employment Matters and Personal Protection. Prompt and professional reports are provided pertaining to confidential information developed during the course of all investigations. We provide the very best investigators who use the latest investigative techniques available. Focus is placed on obtaining results.